Shana Miller Has Made Her Vision For Stiletto Running A Reality

My guest on the show today is someone that created a business that revolves around her love for running.

Shana Miller is the founder and creator of Stiletto Running.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Shana Miller today.

Shana Miller

One and Done

Shana Miller not only disliked running while growing up, she downright hated it.

She much preferred activities such as dance, gymnastics, and swimming.

Shana continued to be active as an adult and did much of her exercising in a gym setting.

While at the gym, Shana became friends with a group of runners and triathletes.

With the encouragement of her new friends, Shana decided to sign up for a half marathon.

Shana would be turning 40 soon and wanted to run a half marathon as a bucket list item.

After crossing the finish line of her first half, Shana knew that this wouldn’t be her last.

Shana loved the distance and was motivated to continue improving.

Strong And Healthy

Shana was in love with how running made her feel both physically and mentally.

Prior to becoming a runner, Shana battled with body image.

Around the time Shana was in college, she struggled with an eating disorder and gained 30 pounds.

Running has given Shana a new perspective on how much her body can do.

The running community has been a huge positive for Shana as well.

Shana pushes herself harder knowing that she’s a part of something bigger than just herself.

Uncertain Future

Shana recently completed her 7th marathon.

Only two years ago she wasn’t sure if she would be able to run without pain again.

Shana was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome and then had to have a hysterectomy.

Between her injury and her surgery, Shana wasn’t able to run for 18 months.

Those 18 months was a dark time in Shana’s life and she was afraid of falling back into her eating disorder.

Shana was determined to have a good comeback when she was able to start running again.

In an effort to make that happen, Shana hired a running coach.

Hiring a coach would end up being the best decision she could have made.

Best Version Of Herself

For Shana hiring a coach helped her to determine what goals to set and how to go about achieving them.

It didn’t take long for Shana to set herself the goal of running a Boston qualifying time.

It took 15 months of hard work and dedication, but Shana was able to shave 40 minutes off her marathon time and qualify.

Shana has run the Boston marathon twice before with invitational bibs.

Each of those Boston experiences was far from ideal due to the weather.

Shana is hoping that Boston 2021 will be her year to really see what she can do.

Shana Miller

Stiletto Running

Shana’s first passion, before running, was fashion.

Prior to having children, she was working in the fashion industry in various roles.

While Shana loved staying at home and raising her children she longed to do something with fashion.

Shana originally came up with Stiletto Running, because she saw an area in running clothes that she could improve upon.

What began as a hobby quickly morphed into a full-fledged business with a 100 woman ambassador team all over the world.

The business is not without its challenges, but Shana is more passionate about it than ever.

One of her most popular collections is her, “Pretty Little Potty Mouth,” shirts.

Stiletto Running is known for the running tights, but Shana always ensures she stays competitive in the industry.

Future Goals

Life for Shana revolves around running, both at work and training for upcoming races.

Her job has never felt like work because she loves what she does.

Since qualifying for Boston, Shana has been focused on training for the NYC half marathon.

The training has been both exciting and bitter because she narrowly missed qualifying for the full by 9 seconds.

That narrow miss has made Shana even more determined to train harder to reach her goal.

Shana is always working to make sure her business along with herself are the best versions that can exist.

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Originally published at on December 16, 2019.