Jen Lefforge Provides a Breath of Fresh Air in a World of Stigmas

My guest today has many titles which include but certainly aren’t limited to- wife, mom, runner, blogger, and Disney lover.

Recently she also added her own YouTube channel to her already busy life.

Jen Lefforge and I will go a few easy miles as she shares the why behind what she does and her goals for the future both running and beyond.

The Power Of Movement

Genetically gifted in terms of running is not how Jen would ever describe herself.

Although she may never be the fastest, she is just as legit as anyone else because she puts her heart and soul into training and racing.

The middle and back of the packers put in just as much effort as the front of the pack.

Jen is an adult-onset runner beginning her running journey at the age of 39.

Shortly after her twins were born she experienced postpartum depression and didn’t know where to turn.

Her friend that ran suggested she try running every day for 2 weeks as a way to help with her depression.

After 3 months of sticking to it, Jen ran her first mile without stopping and quickly progressed to her first half marathon in the same year.

Jen is a firm believer that all humans need some sort of physical outlet.

Aging Gracefully

Jen has accepted that she has to adjust her training frequently as she gets older.

Recovery is an area that requires more time as one ages and should be a priority.

Crosstraining such as swimming or biking can also lend to an increase in longevity.

As an over 45-year-old runner, one CANNOT be a weekend warrior.

It’s not a matter of IF you will get injured, but WHEN if you try to train the same way as a younger runner.

General aches and pains increase with age, but the key to keeping the pain minimal is to never stop moving.

Younger runners can get away with a generic training plan as most are geared towards 25–35-year-olds.

Jen strongly recommends working with a coach that has experience working with older runners.

Building a base slowly is a long-term investment in overall health.

An Open Book

Jen has always been open and honest about her struggles with mental health.

As a way to reach more people, Jen created her own YouTube channel.

Her main objective in doing so was to show that depression and mental health looked like her and those watching.

Mental health doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone at any time.

Having a good therapist is just as important to Jen as physical activity.

According to Jen, everyone would benefit from a therapist at some point in their lives.

Getting rid of the stigma attached to mental health is critical.

The Happiest Place On Earth

Jen grew up in Southern California and has many childhood memories that revolved around Disney.

From childhood into adulthood, Disney has always been a part of her story.

She knows what she’s getting whether it’s taking a trip there or running a race.

Disney races are some of her favorite for a variety of reasons including:

  • They are always well run and dependable.
  • She never has to be worried about common race concerns such as running out of water or getting lost on the course.
  • Disney races draw so many 1st timers.
  • People participating are friendly and encouraging.

Jen finds just as much enjoyment in encouraging runners as she does running the races herself.

This post is accompanied by an episode of my podcast, Diz Runs Radio.

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Originally published at on July 16, 2018.



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