Hildee Weiss Isn’t Your Average Mom Of Five Kids

According to her blog, today’s guest is a “former couch potato mom who found fitness, and life hasn’t been the same since!”

Undoubtedly there will be many listeners that will be able to relate to her story.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Hildee Weiss today!

Hildee Weiss

The Beginning Of A Journey

Hildee Weiss didn’t get interested in fitness until she was in her forties.

Prior to that, she was overweight and inactive.

Hildee focused the majority of her time on her 5 children and as a result, often neglected herself.

The summer of 2014 is when Hildee decided to focus more on herself and her health.

She hired a personal trainer at the local gym to provide her some accountability and direction.

At that first meeting, the trainer asked her what she would do if she could do anything.

Without a second thought, Hildee responded that she wanted to be able to run.

Increasingly Fit With Age

When Hildee first started to work with her trainer she had injured her hand and was limited as to what she was able to do.

During the healing process, the trainer adjusted workouts to keep her moving forward and making progress.

At the time, Hildee lacked confidence, but her trainer saw something in her that she didn’t see.

He slowly began to incorporate more running into her workouts until she was able to run a mile without stopping.

Once Hildee accomplished that goal, he suggested that she sign up for a 5k.

Hildee was hesitant in her abilities, but she signed up anyway.

In May of 2015, Hildee ran her first 5k and the feeling when she crossed the finish line was unlike anything she had felt before.

Her preconceived notions of what she was able to accomplish were now limitless.

Hildee Weiss

Time And Patience

As Hildee began to gain confidence in her running abilities, her trainer suggested pushing her limits even more by signing up for a 10k.

During her training, Hildee broke her foot and was forced to take a break from running for 3 months.

She was just beginning to enjoy the process while also making progress, so this setback was extremely frustrating.

Hildee had no choice but to be patient and not rush the healing process.

Upon returning to running, Hildee found that she came back better than she was before.

Hildee spent her time away from running reflecting on how far she had come.

The confident runners she used to admire is exactly who she was becoming.

Off The Beaten Path

It was only a year ago that Hildee was first introduced to trail running.

She loved it from the start.

The change in scenery and terrain were a nice variation from what she had been used to.

Trails forced her to use a variety of muscle groups that she normally wouldn’t use while running on the road.

Even when running on the same trails day after day, each experience was unique.

The camaraderie of the trail community was apparent from early on.

Letting Go Of Her Fears

As had frequently happened in the past, once again Hildee’s trainer convinced her to go outside of her comfort zone.

He brought up the idea of them doing a Spartan race together.

A spartan race includes various obstacles over the course of a certain distance.

Hildee had to let go of any fears and discomfort she was holding on to when she did the Spartan race.

The experience was unlike anything she had ever done and was in her top 5 life experiences.

This race was a big milestone for HIldee.

She realized that nothing is impossible and learned to block out the negative voices.

Hildee Weiss

The Future Is Limitless

Hildee spent countless years with 5 children living at home.

She recently became an empty-nester which has allowed her the freedom to dream bigger than she ever has.

Hildee has plans to do a Spartan Sprint in the future and is currently working on getting stronger.

The past 6 years have taught Hildee that she can do hard things.

She is open to new and unique challenges that push her both physically and mentally.

The endless support of her family has been crucial for HIldee being able to accomplish her goals.

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Originally published at http://www.dizruns.com on October 19, 2020.



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