Crystal Shinosky Believes She Can Unless Proven Otherwise

Crystal Shinosky

Accidental Marathon

Crystal got involved with the sport of running as an adult.

Third Time’s A Charm

After a 6 year running hiatus, Crystal once again laced up and ran a marathon in 2007.

Crystal Shinosky at the Marine Corps Marathon

Miles For Pounds

Crystal’s love for running and healthy lifestyle began to motivate her family to make changes.

Crystal Shinosky Out on the Trail

Assume You Can

At present time, Crystal has completed 43 ultras (eleven 100 mile races) and 45 marathons.

  • She carries notes from her husband that she reads when she needs it most.
  • Singing while running lifts her spirits and distracts her.
  • Releasing emotions can be helpful.
  • Ultras are long and talking to oneself can help pass the time.



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